Clawson and Staubes Supports Harvest Hope Food Bank

Clawson and Staubes Supports Harvest Hope Food Bank

About This Campaign

Food banks across the country are experiencing unprecedented need from people in our community who can't put food on their tables. Harvest Hope can make our dollars go a long way, providing 5 meals for every $1 earned. We have an opportunity to help. If everyone gave just $10 then each of you would be providing 50 meals to people in need in our community. Please consider the impact and difference we can make and give as you can.

Will you help us raise meals for those in need in our community?

Will you consider donating to help those in need today?
Harvest Hope Food Bank

Campaign to Support Harvest Hope Food Bank

Harvest Hope is a hunger relief organization that provides vital food assistance to neighbors in need across 20 counties in South Carolina.


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  1. Andy  Blackwell
    Andy Blackwell gave a $62.87 donation
    Sam and Mollie
    9 days ago · Like
  2. Nicole Blackwell
    Nicole Blackwell gave a $52.44 donation
    For Sam and Mollie!
    9 days ago · Like
  3. Austin Hood
    Austin Hood gave a $30 donation
    For Jazz in the cutest pet contest
    9 days ago · Like
  4. Katie Turner gave a $10 donation
    $5 for Milo and $5 for Drake!
    10 days ago · Like
  5. Joshua Battles gave a $12 donation
    For Mandy
    10 days ago · Like
  6. Julie Coleman gave a $52.44 donation
    $20 to Rocky, $10 to Sam & Mollie, $10 to Loki, and $10 to Bleu
    10 days ago · Like
  7. DeShawn Mitchell gave a $50 donation
    11 days ago · Like
  8. Amber Gilliam
    Amber Gilliam gave a $10.73 donation
    16 days ago · Like
  9. Julie Coleman gave a $3 donation
    $1 each to Max, Scout, and Ellie
    16 days ago · Like
  10. Katie Turner
    Katie Turner gave a $20 donation
    23 days ago · Like