Dreher High School Supports Harvest Hope Food Bank

Dreher High School Supports Harvest Hope Food Bank

About This Campaign

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we are met with yet another heartbreaking reality of 2021—that more families than ever before are not going to have a holiday meal to share with their loved ones.

For most of us, the holidays are a time of gathering, laughter and joy, but for over 300,000 of our neighbors right here in our 20-county service area, there is a sense of sadness and unease looming over the impending season.

This holiday season, you can turn someone’s hunger into hope. You can give the gift of joy and promise by donating a holiday meal to someone in need.

Would you consider giving a gift to provide a holiday meal and hopeful memories to a family in need?
Harvest Hope Food Bank

Campaign to Support Harvest Hope Food Bank

Harvest Hope is a hunger relief organization that provides vital food assistance to neighbors in need across 20 counties in South Carolina.

  1. Amy Hill
    Amy Hill gave a $60 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Burns Hill
    14 days ago · Like
  2. Sean Kuester
    Sean Kuester gave a $62.87 donation
    15 days ago · Like
  3. Janet Hamilton
    Janet Hamilton gave a $100 donation
    16 days ago · Like
  4. Margaret Varner
    Margaret Varner gave a $104.58 donation
    17 days ago · Like
  5. Christina Scott
    Christina Scott gave a $50 donation
    18 days ago · Like
  6. Kristy Ellenberg
    Kristy Ellenberg gave a $100 donation
    Thank you for the work you do across our community and state each day.
    18 days ago · Like
  7. Maureen McConaghy
    Maureen McConaghy gave a $500 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Robert Thunell
    18 days ago · Like
  8. Anna Courie
    Anna Courie gave a $126.74 donation
    19 days ago · Like
  9. Dreher High School Key Club
    Dreher High School Key Club gave a $261 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Lucille Nash DeHihns
    21 days ago · Like
  10. Connie Grandmason
    Connie Grandmason gave a $62.87 donation
    24 days ago · Like
  11. Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson gave a $50 donation
    25 days ago · Like