Grant Management

We've built a powerful grant management software system into our 10-in-1 platform for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Grant Management Software

Giveffect fully integrates your grant management system with your CRM to track grants at every stage from research to reporting. With Giveffect, you have a single place where you keep your grant application, decision date notification and grant funds allocation information. Giveffect is your one source of truth.

Our easy-to-use grant management software for nonprofits will give you advanced visibility into every aspect of every grant you apply for, every step of the way—from the application process to disbursement. Having this information at your fingertips streamlines your organization's workflow and maintains the integrity of your institutional knowledge, including:

  • Application deadlines
  • Application progress reports
  • Decision dates
  • Description of grant
  • Award details
  • Award allocation information
  • Reporting requirements
  • And more!
Grant Management Stages

A single log-in gives your grants manager access to notes on every interaction and a repository for every element of the grant application.

Not only that, but with this software for grants management, nonprofits can track and search by grant application status at every stage:

  • Research
  • Planned
  • In progress
  • Submitted
  • Awarded
  • Closed
  • Denied
  • Withdrawn

You can easily create and run reports to update the team and board. And help to keep everyone in the loop as well as forecast revenue.

And because this grant management software is part of the Giveffect platform, it is fully integrated with your CRM and the rest of Giveffect's suite of nonprofit software. Giveffect's automation means there is no need to spend hours duplicating entries across platforms, and no need to worry that an interaction or record won't be updated at every step.

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Example Screenshot of Data in Giveffect's Report View